Everyone has a place in our world.​

  • “…The social experiences that are offered to these students is beyond impressive. The array of field trips, hands-on experiences, community involvement and specialty classes offered allow students to find something they can be passionate about, acquire real life experiences and obtain socially acceptable practices. I could go on and on about the positive impact and success this school has brought to my child. The personal growth and immense transformation of my child is directly attributed to the Connecticut Coastal Academy’s ability to emotionally and psychologically connect with its students and genuinely want the best for them. For all of this, I thank you.”

    – CTCA Parent

  • “Being at the school this year was one of my best experiences…  The school helped a lot of people, including myself. I’m excited to see new faces next year, and I hope they’ll be able to have the same experiences I did.”

    – CTCA student

  • “Thank God we had someone to lead us to this exceptional school. Our child has thrived from the first moment he was in the school. Even though it took time for him to fit in, they never once gave up on him. The love and caring for their students is one of the keys to for success for these precious children.”

    – CTCA Parent

  • “Teachers are helpful and care.”

    – CTCA student

  • “A place to be yourself.”

    – CTCA student

  • “My coworkers are like family. It’s a highly collaborative environment, and the most holistic I’ve ever worked in. Social-emotional learning is embedded into academics, so students get a truly integrated experience. It’s deeply rewarding to see how quickly the students acquire and implement skills when they are incorporated into broader goals and interest-based activities.”

    – CTCA staff


We help young people build lives of meaning, purpose, and joy.

About Us

The Connecticut Coastal Academy is at the forefront of a decades-long movement that recognizes the gifts of people with physical, intellectual, social/emotional and learning differences. 

Inclusion of non-traditional thinkers and learners is a strength we harness. Through restorative approaches to behavioral health, we nurture solution-oriented young people, who are proud to take meaningful roles in their communities.

Located in Essex, CT, the Connecticut Coastal Academy is a state-approved, private special education program for students in Grade 6 through age 22. Overseen by the CT Department of Education, we provide educational supports and specialized services to at-risk students with disabilities.

Connecticut Coastal Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin; disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression in administering its educational policies, scholarship or loan programs (if any) and athletic (if any) and other school-administered programs.