What school will look like in the weeks ahead...

To our school parents and guardians:

First, we offer a deep thank you for helping us navigate this uncertain time. We thank you for your responsiveness and cooperation. For students who have already finished their two-week packets, great job!

Going forward, teachers will be posting assignments in Google Classroom by Sunday for the following week. Starting this Monday, March 30, students should log on to their email first thing in the morning, where they will receive instructions and invitations to lessons, activities, and structured office hours for teachers.

We are using the Google Suite of products to provide instruction, track attendance, and individualize whatever help our students need. Academic instruction, tutoring, and therapeutic counseling and support will be conducted via video conferencing (Google Meet), instant messaging/chat (Google Messenger), or whatever way works best for our learners.

Many of them have already embraced this opportunity to work online, and we expect to see strong progress in the weeks ahead. If you are having technical issues or any problems accessing Google Classroom, please reach out to us:

Since Connecticut Coastal Academy (CTCA) will be implementing special education and/or related services in part through group video conferencing using Google Classroom applications, please be mindful that these services may be provided either individually or in a group setting with multiple students participating in the video conference. Student names and video images will be visible to the teacher and other participating students. Parents are encouraged to have their students participate via a location that is quiet and free of distraction, to the extent possible. Other individuals in the home are not permitted to participate in or be visible on the video conference, or otherwise observe the lesson, other than reasonable adult supervision of the student. Parents and students are prohibited from recording video conferencing sessions. All individuals must comply with relevant CTCA practices, including but not limited to those concerning the confidentiality of student records and acceptable use of technology. 

Student privacy and the confidentiality of student information is of utmost importance. Parents are reminded, however, that CTCA is not in direct control of individual homes or physical locations of participating students. If you do not wish for your child to participate in video conference sessions, please send an email with a brief note to opt-out to

Although the road ahead may not be easy, the way forward is clear. We are here for all of you!

Dr. Pamela L. Potemri 

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