HOME BUILDERS INSTITUTE Pre-Apprenticeship Program

The Connecticut Coastal Academy advocates for young people on the path to their best life. Our specialized services include tailored vocational programs.

Through its partnership with The Home Builders Institute PACT program, students have the opportunity to learn and eventually pursue licensing and other professional designations in a skilled field. Students are given career-related instruction and technical training, with the opportunity for apprenticeships in the following trades: brick masonry, carpentry, building construction technology,  landscaping, painting, solar installation, and weatherization.

“PACT is the award-winning Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training based on HBI’s National Construction Skill Standards and NAHB’s National Green Building Standards. PACT is one of only three DOL-recognized pre-apprenticeship curricula utilized in youth training programs nationwide. The PACT curriculum integrates work-based learning in the building trades with vocational and academic skills training and includes life skills; career development; and on-the-job training.” (www.hbi.org)

 The Institute’s training materials are derived from skills standards set by the National Association of Home Builders. These standards are used not only in apprenticeship programs, but also in career and technical schools, community colleges and workforce training programs, according to the Institute. The carpentry, electrician, HVAC and building construction technology apprenticeship programs are certified by the Department of Labor. HBI also provides job matching and search services nationwide via its website.

Locally, our HBI students have completed community-based projects for Essex Steam Train, the Essex Public Library, and the Westbrook YMCA.

To learn more about how your student could benefit from this valuable vocational experience, call 959-265-8184 to schedule a tour.